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Mark Voorsanger, Founder
Greg Johnson, Founder

Greg Johnson, Founder, a.k.a. Big Rappin' Earl

For the past seventeen years, Greg Johnson has been an independent game designer, establishing a unique reputation for creativity and character design. He has published seven successful software titles, winning numerous prestigious awards, and receiving wide-spread acclaim. The winning team of Greg, and ten-year business partner, Mark Voorsanger , has repeatedly resulted in creations of uncompromising quality and ingenuity.

Greg's first titles, Starflight along with its sequel, published by Electronic Arts, sold close to one million units, and has been credited as the first successful graphic adventure game for the PC.

Throughout 1998 and 1999, Greg served as Creative Director for ePlanet, Inc., a company dedicated to developing new vision-based technology and to creating ground breaking vision-enabled software products. Greg designed several products for EP, including their flagship product, Freeblenux , a cutting edge, interactive, 3D, vision-enabled virtual character.

Greg has spoken on computer game and interface design, both at the Computer Game Developer's Conference and at Stanford University. He speaks Japanese and Thai almost fluently, and enjoys writing children's stories as well as designing and playing board games. He received his bachelor's degree in Bio-Linguistics from the University of California, San Diego.