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TJ&E Hints & Tips, continued

As far as hints are concerned, here's the drill:

1) The game is much easier, and ultimately much more fun to play, if you have two players. So grab a buddy and Jam Out!

2) Pay the Wiseman-In-A-Carrot-Suit the $2. It's worth it. But more importantly, identify the "Randomizer" present as early as possible. If you don't, later on in the game, life will get really difficult!!!

3) There's a hidden island on level 1 in the bottom left-hand corner of the map. You'll have to get Icarus Wings, Rocket Skates, or an Inner tube in order to get there, which you'll never find in a present on the first level. So go up to next next levels to find one of those presents and then return to the first level, and cruise down to that island. Fall through the hole in the island and you'll arrive at Level 0! There, you can get a lemonade and receive an extra life (once only), and jump into the Hot Tub to rejuvenate yourself. Falling off of level 0 will bring you back to the highest level you've been to.

4) If you sneak up on Santa, he'll drop some presents for you. You do this by sneaking (press the A button while you have no other presents active) while he's rummaging in his bag. Whenever he looks up, stop moving! As long as you don't sneeze or hiccup, you should be able to get close enough to get a few extra presents.

5) Stay away from Rocket Skates unless you're in the middle of a big land mass. Otherwise, you'll be losing ground quickly.