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ToeJam & Earl III: Mission To Earth

Get ready to have your virtual socks knocked virtually off. TJ&E III is turned out to be a highly concentrated dose of celebratory, funkified gameplay that we can't wait to share with you. We harnessed the almost god-like powers of the Xbox, and its powers to our own devious, yet noble ends.

Our plan is to infect the world with funky, feel-good attitude and thereby make the world a safer place for everyone to get down and shake their respective groove thangs. It's a lofty goal, we know, but we stand undaunted, ready to face even the Anti-Funk.

TJ&E III is highly charged, funky insanity with an adult twist. For anybody tired of the same old thing (raise your hands), you just might wanna check out it out. You have a mission, should you choose to accept it. Recover the 12 sacred "Vinyls of Funk" and track down the evil Anti-Funk himself. The only way you're going to succeed is by cuttin' loose and gettin' down with your bad self. You know you bad, uh huh.

Right, so much for philosophy. You can get lots of game descriptions and features lists from reading the game or online mags.

Here are a couple of the common questions we received. We hope the answers give you some sense of what went into creating TJ&E III.

"What's the main difference between this game and the original TJ&E games?"  From a pair of awesome fans from way back named Adam and Dan de la Torre, in Walnut Creek, CA.

"Why is TJ&E III exclusive to Xbox?"  From everyone.

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In 1990, Toejam & Earl made their first appearance on the original Sega Genesis. Emphasizing light-hearted, cooperative play and exploration, Toejam & Earl enjoyed almost unanimous critical acclaim, and still maintain a devoted following today.

By popular demand, Toejam & Earl re-appeared in Ready-Aim-Tomatoes and Panic on Funkotron. All three games were published by Sega of America, and sold nearly a million units, remaining on the top ten list of video game rentals for years after their release. Find out more...

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