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May 5, 2002

From everyone:

"Why is TJ&E III exclusive to Xbox?"

The simple answer is... we wanted to make TJ&E III the best game it could be. In the end, that meant focusing our energy on one version instead of three. If we had made three versions (and we did consider it), the Xbox version would have been launched already, and we'd be working really hard to create versions of the game for PS2 and the GameCube right now. But here's the rub... The game would never have come close (on any platform) to what it will be when we launch on Xbox this fall. And the risk of disappointing everyone was just too high.

So we put our faith in our fans to care about the quality of the game above all else. Most of all, we just hope you'll find a way to play TJ&E III on Xbox, and let us know what you think.

P.S. If you already own an Xbox, or you were planning on getting one anyway, please don't gloat in the presence of your fellow gamers. That's just not right. Share the wealth, and ask them to join you for a rappin' round of TJ&E III!