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May 6, 2002

From Adam and Dan de la Torre, in Walnut Creek, CA.:

"What's the main difference between this game and the original TJ&E games?"

Good question guys...and a tough one to answer because there is so much that's new, it's hard to know where to start. Our goal with TJ&E III is to give everone who played I & II (especially TJ&E I) a strong sense of coming home. So we kept a lot of the original characters and presents, and tried to use the look of the world in TJ&E I, and the music of I & II as inspirational.

Of course, with the power of the Xbox (as opposed to the Genesis), we can give the characters voice in full Dolby 5.1 sound, with an amazing amount of high-quality funk music, and a fully realized 3D world, complete with changing time of day and moving shadows, detailed textures and so on.

We figure that, for all of our past fans, they've grown up and gotten more sophisticated and will be ready for TJ&E transformed. For new fans, it's simply a matter of staying competitive with other cutting-edge titles. The characters themselves have aged up, and we've built in lots of playful innuendo and satire that will hopefully make this a game adults enjoy without turning off parents. (Though if you never offend anybody, you're just not doin' it right. :)

One fundamental difference in gameplay is this: In the first game, players were completely dependent on their presents for action. Without any presents, you were basically dead in the water—your only option was to "run away". This time, we wanted to give players many more options, and pick up the pace of the game. With this in mind, we've done several things...

  • We've given players abilities, like Funk Fu that they can use any time, and Funkify Notes they can collect and shoot out of a boombox to Funkify Earthlngs.
  • We've also gone to great lengths to integrate the rhythm play more into the gameplay so that you can run around the world and pound out some rhythms at the same time, making Earthlings dance and converting them to the ways of Funk.
  • Another thing we kept from the first game was the dynamically splitting screen and the Hi-Five to share life.

There's lots more to tell, but that's probably enough for now. We love TJ&E III, but everyone loves their own baby. You are the real judge, and we're anxious to hear what you think. We can't wait until it's in your hands and we're hearing back from you.