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TJ&E Rap, Part II

ToeJam & Earl Rap continued...

Soon I checked the rearview, and wasn't too surprised
To see a ship with flashin' light that I recognized
He pulled me over, I said, "Yo, wha'sup my man?"
He reached out, had a yellow ticket in his hand.
I took the ticket, then I had to laugh
Turns out, all he wanted was an autograph
We signed our names, and then we headed out
For me and Earl, bein' cool is what it's all about

So we were truckin', groovin' to the funky beat
When Earl said he'd like a shot in the driver's seat
Well Earl's cool but he's not the most coordinated
But I was feelin fly, so I capitulated
Earl took the wheel but he was bustin' out a Earl Jam - I said
"Yo Earl, Get with the program"
Earl looked up and said, "Yo, don't get annoyed"
And that's when Big Rappin' Earl hit the asteroid.

Earl and I we were, nose divin' - I said
"Maybe it's time for me to be drivin"
It was lookin' like, I had made a mistake
That would end me up, as a ToeJam Pancake
We hit the ground in a great big fireball
Guess we got lucky cause we didn't get hurt at all, I said
"Yo Earl, while we're here why don't we check it out"
Cause bein' cool for me and Earl is what its all about.